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Treatment Services

It is our pleasure to provide a wide range of dental services for your treatment needs. We feel dental care should be gentle care.

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Diagnostic Services,
Preventive and Prophylactic Services


Examinations and consultations for specific issues

Digital Radiographs(Xrays) for immediate assessment

Digital Photography to help diagnosis and explanation

Diagnostic( Study) models for examinati0n and treatment planning

Teeth cleaning of plaque,stains and calculus

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Bleaching- internal and external

Desensitizing and remineralization applications


Fissure Sealants

Restorative Services and Prosthodontic services 
        and Bleaching


Our fillings are predominantly white fillings. Two major direct materials are used depending on the location of the filling.

These are either composite resin or glass ionomer


For improved aesthetics and heavily restored teeth the option of porcelain restorations may be required.


For missing teeth bridges, implant retained restorations or dentures are alternatives.

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Periodontic Services,
Endodontic Services
Minor Oral Surgery


Teeth Cleaning of plaque,stains and calculus

Treatment of gum infections both acute and chronic

Minor Oral Surgery including tooth removal.

Root Canal Treatments including emergency treatment

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Emergency Services
         Call Immediately


We realize how important is to receive  dental treatment when you have a toothache.


For this reason we place a high priority on promply seeing patients with a dental emergency . This may include a pain management , a broken tooth or filling and other important concerns you may have.


We recommend you call us immediately on 95963376

If unavailable we recommend calling The Royal Dental Hospital on 93411000 if the emergency is of a serious nature.









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